Sunday, July 17, 2016

Christmas in July Check out the specials

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Because we can't wait for Christmas we have Christmas in July. So do our Cricut friends. Check out the savings you can get. Remember boxes and cards and Cricut has a Christmas page for you to check out.
There are a lot of cartridges with special Christmas things on but remember cartridges like Sweet tooth boxes and box it up which have lovely little boxes for those special things. Remember Cricut Access is a wonderful gift as well and there are many cartridges being added all the time. Check out the nine dimensional scenes cartridges as well as the nativity scenes. Most of our littlies love frozen but Cricut has just launched Captain America which I know some of the older guys love. If you missed it there is also ‘Disney Villains’ and ‘Whisker Haven tales with the Palace pets’.
Along with old favourites you now have Mermaid Party and Poker Night. Check out the web site for all the cartridges and what is included with Cricut Access.

Have a Great Christmas in July.

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Intricate Cuts from the Cricut Explore Air

As we all know if you want an intricate design then do it in vinyl but I wanted a 3d birdcage! Cricut has recently added a cartridge called vintage Wedding and it has 3 birdcages. I needed one quite small and intricate so I chose the circular one ‪#‎MC8A4E8‬. I did not realize at the first time of cutting the tiny squares that cut on the top layer. I have measured these squares and they measure 0.03 of an inch. If you are writing with cricut pens you will notice they have a .03 pen in their fine pens. When I took the parts off the mat I was amazed at how small these little squares were. Ashish Arora has asked us to show some of the intricate cuts we have done. I used 'Close to my Heart'plain card stock to cut this birdcage and had my explore air set on card stock NO not even 'intricate cut'. The blade I am using is the same blade my Explore air came with and the first time I used this machine -September 2nd 2015. I cut almost daily on this machine so it has had lots of use. Check out these pictures I have taken. The cage stands 6 inches high.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Pretty Lanterns

Just finished the blog for Dreaming Tree and announced the Winner. Now for the lanterns I have been plodding away at. They are both pink (of course). First I wanted ovals in the side so I imported the file and sliced ovals into the side panels over the shape Leo had put. The first one I did I put patterned vellum in the panels, and embossed the outer panels with a butterfly folder then used inka gold wax to rub over the embossing. I thought it quite pretty until I did the second one where I used the CTMH embossing folder Diamond to emboss the panels and rubbed them with inka gold saphire. Then having just got the wink of stella glitter pens I embossed the plain vellum with the cuttlebug Flower Fantasy folder and painted the flowers and the leaves and stems. They can hold a tea light but will have to find them. Check out Dreaming Tree here
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Friday, June 10, 2016

“Welcome to the blog hop featuring Dreaming Tree SVG files.”

“Welcome to the blog hop featuring Dreaming Tree SVG files.” Oh So Many Crafts is the 6th blog on the hop. We would love you to visit each blog and leave a comment and follow our blogs.

Thank you for participating in the June Blog Hop Featuring Dreaming Tree SVG Files.

To enter for your chance to receive a Dreaming Tree Gift Certificate you must leave a comment. The more blogs you visit and comment on, the more chances you have to win! Contest runs from 06/10/2016 12:00 AM EST to 06/13/2016 11:59 PM EST. 1 winner will be awarded from each blog and 1 grand prize winner will be awarded based on all comments from all blogs. Winners will be posted by June 15, 2016. Please check back to see if you are a winner!

Hi, I have made the "Let it Snow" popup Christmas card from Dreaming Tree. I love popup cards so this appealed to me. This set is also a little different as Kyle McDonald has used 'slice form technology' to create the base from which the tree pops up. I think this is an awesome set and would recommend purchasing it for your Christmas Cards. The tree is an intricate image which cut beautifully on the Cricut Explore. The base to make it pop up is not as complex as it first seems and Leo of Dreaming Tree has a wonderful video on the site showing how to put it together. You can purchase this set here.

I have added the snowflakes from the extras folder and used Perfect Pearls to shimmer the snowflakes and bits on the tree.
Look at that sparkle.

The card turned out really well and I was pleased with it.

The base was a challenge for me. at first I put it together no problem then thought how smart I was till I tried to put it together a second time. I watched Leo's video so many times thinking I am sure I can do this. Well for those of you who skipped the video I have tried to put some pics up below.

This is the 4 pieces that cut to form the base of the tree. Note that there are 2 lots of 2 pieces.  The cuts are positioned such that 2 pieces have the first cut up from the bottom and 2 pieces have the first cut down from the top.
holding the tab end I put the 2 pieces together so the tabs were next to each other then I did this again with the other 2 pieces.

pic of the 2 pieces with tabs interlocked

When you have the 2 sets interlocked then slot together the pointed ends so the 4 pieces for a square.

This square should squish flat and open again see pics below.

when the square is squished you should see the tabs like this. These are the tabs that will go into the slots on the inner card

Once you have the 4 pieces attached into a square place the tree pieces together and look at which side has the up slots and which the down slots. match these to fit into the square and your tree will stand. when the tabs are placed and glued into the slots on the inner card the tree will pop up when opened.

 I had heaps of fun do this and the other cards in the bundle. Give them a go. Start making your Christmas cards early so there is no last minute rush. Where to get them here at Dreaming Tree.

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My apologies for being late for the draw I am unwell. However unable to work rafflecopter I chose the age old method of numbers in a hat. The winner of my blog voucher is the very last comment of the 80 wonderful comments, by Raine. Raine if you would like to contact me and I will send you your voucher.

The grand prize winner is For the grand prize winner, here are the results pulled from Random number generator. 

Blog number 7 is: Sweet Love Canada

Sweet Love Canada had 77 comments and number 37 won. 
That looks like #37 was a comment by Heidi.

​If you could post the grand prize winner was Heidi from Sweet Love Canada comment number 37 and she should contact Mike or Vicki to claim prize. 

Thank you all!!

Thank you all for participating and please don't forget to click this link to check out the free files

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Pumpkin favor box by Dreaming Tree (Kitty box)

This is the "Pumpkin Favor Bag from Dreaming Tree. It is a free file so check out my affiliate link here. I made the first one and he was cute. Then I decided to play around with him and make him smaller. I did, the striped one is 3.75 inches. I decided to do print and cut on the Cricut Explore and used an animal print from JT (an Imagine cartridge). His eyes were cute but Jess Slater made these very cute eyes and I thought these would make it even more cute. I flattened the eyes to a print and then attached them to the cat box base. I had a bit of a hiccup because I had forgotten to change the scoring lines to score and when I attached them to the base they disappeared. It sorted itself once I had them as scoring lines. I also added little paws to the striped one. I have added whiskers to the orange one and since photographing I have also added them to the striped one. They are super cute and I can see making more.

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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Doves cascade card from Dreaming Tree

This is the doves cascade  card from Dreaming Tree. I used Sweet leaf green and crystal blue as the accent colour. I embossed the panels and then sanded them to produce the white effect on the panels.

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